Best custom packages for your Ford Mustang

Few American icons are more beloved than the Ford Mustang. From brash fraternity members to middle-aged cubicle workers needing a kick to the Average Joe who just wants a powerful car, not many can say they don’t love the Mustang. (Chevrolet heads, maybe?)

While some consider it sacrilege to alter the standard Mustang look in any way, others are open to experimentation and make full use of Ford’s own custom shop. After all, if the manufacturer brags that no two Mustangs are the same, who are we to argue against that? Here’s an overview of some of the custom packages that Ford can offer you.

The Mustang body shop

For starters, you’ll have to choose whether you want a V6 or a V8 engine, with the latter obviously bringing more power. Past that, another easy choice should be whether you want a fastback or a convertible – if your city isn’t particularly warm (or you don’t plan on moving to one that is any time soon), there’s probably no reason to open up that roof. Among the ‘plain’ updates is also the engine type (past the number of cylinders) – those going for Ford’s EcoBoost engines are promised better fuel economy without losing out on the Mustang’s legendary power.

Here’s where things get interesting: while Ford offers so-called Premium and GT packages, you are free to add your own upgrades and combine them with any model. For example, while the Fastback GT comes with 18″ painted aluminum wheels, you are free to increase the size to 20″ – the same goes for adding collision mitigation or voice commands to any model.

Mustang’s EcoBoost Performance package is another deal to keep in mind: a single click will give your muscle car large and glossy wheels, nicer brake rotors, a redesigned dash panel, a gauge pack and improved braking and handling. If you think you don’t need to improve performance, consider Ford’s 50 Years Appearance Package – it will let you style your tailor-made Mustang in line with the 50 Year Limited Edition Version (including a different grille, special aluminum wheels, interior mods and minor exterior alterations like a different rear gas cap badge) without forcing you to part with your specific desires.

Aftermarket packages – should you get one on your Mustang?

If you feel that Ford doesn’t offer enough boost to its prized model, there’s always the aftermarket to consider. There are many tuning companies out there that specialize in modding Mustangs every which way and are sure to do a good job on your precious possession – aftermarket is usually the best choice for those who already own a Mustang but would like to introduce some positive changes.

For example, consider an external tuning company like Roush Performance that specializes in customizing Mustangs: they offer virtually every upgrade you could think of, from visual ones like spoilers, valances, hood scoops and grilles to performance boosts like superchargers that will turn your Mustang into an even greater road menace.

In the end, it all comes down to having a vision: to avoid subjecting your Mustang to the fate of plastic surgery addicts, try to envision its perfect look and capabilities before getting to the modding.