Limousine manufacturers in the U.S.

Out to buy a fancy limo to show off your success or help your clients get from one place to another with style? Make sure to familiarize yourself with the best limo manufacturers in the U.S., then. There’s quite a few of them, both domestic and foreign, and each offers its own distinct brand of luxury.

Domestic or foreign limousine?

This might be the biggest debate among U.S. citizens buying a limo, and there are certainly arguments for each.

If you’re buying domestic, you know you’re supporting our economy and making a statement that you’re proud of what U.S. factories churn out. And there’s certainly plenty to be proud of: Chevy, Cadillac, Lincoln and Ford are just some examples of our top limo brands, each having multiple models to choose from – sedans, stretchers, SUVs… Besides, the President himself has always used a domestic limo, albeit one with quite a few ‘aftermarket’ mods. If you can offer to give your clients the presidential treatment, you know you’re on your way to good things.

On the other hand, even in a country that produces as many amazing vehicles as we do, foreign limos are still making a big impact – if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to open up factories here as quickly as they do. While Mercedes-Benz lost some of the high esteem it once held in the States, many still consider it the apex of luxury and a Mercedes limo will certainly send a message, as will one from Porsche. For something more low-key but no less spectacular, try going for a recent Audi model with all the features it can have.

Ah yes, the features…

Choosing what your limo should have

When choosing a limousine, it’s important to understand that they’re all about packages and extras, namely those that soup up the interior – there’s also something to be said about car length, but more on that later.

It all depends on what you’ll be using your limo for. Do you merely want a ‘car’ that looks like money? A luxury sedan is your best bet, even if you have your own chauffeur. In fact, nowadays, sedans are heavily used by limo companies as they’ve been brought to a standard of luxury that rivals stretchers. Even if you have a limo company, most of your clients will be content with ordering a regular-size sedan or even a SUV/CUV, as long as they’re luxurious enough.

When ordering your limo, make sure to check for optional features with the manufacturers. For additional luxury, you’ll want to try and get beige leather seats with heating, wooden interior finishes, a better sound system and preferably a cinema. These are the basics that make non-stretch limos exclusive on the inside, but feel free to add more to the list.

Some manufacturers will readily offer every package and interior modification you could think of while others might force you to hit the aftermarket to get what you need. Manufacturer packages are usually cheaper, so try and grab a model that doesn’t force you to customize it by your lonesome.

If you’re really thinking luxury, you’ll want to stretch whichever model you’re looking at – the car’s length is usually increased by 70″-150″, with the price increasing accordingly. Factory stretching is fairly complex and rarely done on the aftermarket – to get this type of limo, the used cars market might be your best bet if you don’t want to wait and pay too much, but be sure that a stretcher is really what you need as opposed to just sounding nice.