Best auto racing tracks in Florida

You might have watched any of the Fast and Furious iterations and are now feeling the urge to do some racing – please, don’t try and hit the gas pedal on the street. No matter what Vin Diesel’s entourage might have you believe, there’s no need to do street racing – not when our great nation has as many thrilling race tracks to choose from. Here are a couple of Florida’s top tracks featuring differing sizes and difficulty levels.

Auto Racing Tracks In Florida

Florida Sports Park: Not feeling quite ready for regular car races yet? Perhaps a buggy catch-me-if-you-can would suit you better and prepare you for the big leagues. In terms of buggy tracks, the ‘Swamp Buggy’ is fairly large: around a mile of dirt and turns that will test your steering skills and competitive spirit. The venue also doubles-up as a place for concerts and various events of similar nature, so you’ll have something to do even if your dirt racing effort wasn’t as successful.

All Tech Raceway: Have you and your father, son or guy friends been working on a drag automotive masterpiece that looks ready to fly off the road? There are few better places to test it out in Florida than the ATR (sometimes also called the Ellisville Speedway). For just $30, you can hit the pit with your prized creation and test yourself out against other tinkerers – it doesn’t have to look pretty, so long as it goes very fast and adheres to the specific vehicle rules of the individual race. The first-place prizes for winning on this half-a-mile oval strip often count in the thousands of dollars, but make sure you’re an experienced driver before getting in there.

Palm Beach Raceway: This Boynton Beach gem features a state of the art quarter-mile concrete track that’s frequently home to all sorts of events: testing by citizens and organizations, exhibitions and, yes, plenty of races. Provided you have the right vehicle, you should have no trouble finding a race that piques your interest – winning, however, is another story. Also, thanks to the well-built bleachers surrounding the strip, your family and friends can watch you go toe-to-toe with other great amateur racers on your way to glory.

The Firm: Short for Florida International Rally and Motorsports Park, this track was tailor-made for those looking to move away from plain races on concrete oval strips. Not only is the mile-and-half track among the largest you’ll find in the state, it also has no shortage of turns and difficult areas that will strain your driving prowess. While the facility is frequently home to racing events, it more often serves as training grounds for those looking to master their rally and ATV steering – this is reinforced by several training camps on-site accepting students year-round. If you’re looking to take a break from the standard and learn a thing or two, The Firm will act as the perfect environment for car and bike lovers – plus, you can get some nifty mods from the facility’s tuning shop while there.